Tapas Evenings


Tapas Evenings


Comemos Deli Cafe Tapas Evenings

As you may know Comemos began as a Pop Up. We held a number of Pop Up tapas evenings in local village halls that were very well received and we now feel that the time is right to bring these evenings to the Cafe.


What are Tapas?

The Spanish word “tapa” actually means “lid” or “cover” and there are a number of interesting accounts as to how the "Tapa"  came about....

One belief is that Tapas began when someone somewhere in Spain placed an item over the top of a drink to protect it from flies. It then became custom to place small pieces of food on top of the lid and henceforth tapas was born.

Another story is that “tapas” originated around the sixteenth century, when several inn keepers in Castilla discovered that they disguise the taste of bad wine by accompanying the drinks with strong smelling cheese.

The most common theory is that tapas was born when King Alfonso the Tenth (known as The Wise) became ill and had to take small bites of food with some wine. Once the King had recovered from the afflicting disease, he decreed that no wine was to be served in any of the inns unless accompanied with something to eat. This was a wise precaution to counteract the adverse effects of alcohol. Once the “botillerias” (bottle shops) and taverns became established throughout Spain, the King’s decree remained in place.

However they started Tapas are a Spanish tradition, small savoury dishes often served with drinks as snacks or together with other tapas as a meal. This is where we come in....



what happens at a Comemos tapas Evening?

 When you arrive you will be taken to your table where you can nibble on a selection of appetisers, bread & olives. 

We will then begin to serve delicious plates of wonderful Spanish food - be warned the plates do not all come out together, this is to give you chance to enjoy each flavoursome dish at its best ( also there isn't enough room on the table for everything at once!!)

Following the tapas we have a wonderful dessert to end the meal. 

We have a fantastic selection of Spanish Wines, beers and soft drinks that are available to purchase on the night to accompany your meal and Coffee is also available if you wish to end the meal.


How to Book.

Bookings can be made online by using the buy now button below or by person in the Cafe. Payment is in full in order to guarantee the booking. 

Upcoming Dates



19th May 2018 at 6pm

£25 per person bookable online